Monday, March 17, 2008


Obtaining a Peaceful Mind Is In Your Hands
· If you desire less problems in this and impending lives, then know the causes of your experiences arise from your own actions.
The cause of your birth, in this life time, arose as a consequence of your past imprints in conjunction with the interdependent energy which make up this your experience.
By observing other Humans and other creatures that have mind and fear death, you can accept that others no more want pain and suffering than you do.
Observing that most other creatures are inflicting, fear, pain and suffering upon others, you can realise that being born on earth by its nature, is suffering.
To end the cause of being born in suffering we must cease its cause:
· Almost all other creatures including humans are sharing experience on this planet because they have not completed their path beyond suffering.

Your having an experience arose from interdependent energy, not just from its own side. We ourselves create the cause for experience and collective experience, which is why we have experience’s that are seminally shared by others but not all. And others have experience’s that we don’t have.
· Just as negative actions have negative consequences, positive actions have positive reactions.
To experience a peaceful mind, just keep helping others as much as possible and stop harmful actions or harmful thoughts.
Remember others don’t like suffering or pain any more than we do. If harm comes to us remember we ourselves caused the experience.
Do not carry anger towards others as they don’t understand their actions are harmful and have consequences for them also. And remember it is not possible for you to have an experience unless you had created the cause.
· Don’t engage in activities that cause harm to other creatures like fishing. Remember to cultivate positive actions as they will have positive effects.
· Please question each day your self, and weigh the balance of your daily actions.
· Find a good teacher that understands all to seek guidance from. And test the advice over and over until you know you can trust it.